Sheer Turtlenecks

Hold your claws, Catwoman; I think it’s safe to say that celebs take exposure to a whole new level; the latest to get a makeover was the Vera Wang sheer turtleneck from the Fall 2015 runway, what was introduced as sheer classiness just turned into an absolute sleaze/snooze-Fest (I’m not too sure which)! I love and respect all of you (maybe, not all of you; you know who I’m talking about :P), but this is just an absolute fad. Kudos to Halle, who just turned 49 though, not many can keep that all up! We love Storm (remember Swordfish? OMG), but let’s keep the costumes for movies & Halloween, shall we?

See the original look which debuted on the Fall 2015 runway over a tight black bustier and slouchy trousers, Vera Wang!


Love it/ Hate it, Lemme know 🙂


Any thoughts?

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