Summer 101

Even with Bangalore having a comparatively lower temperature than other cities, let’s admit it; it is pretty damn hot! So, do you want to sulk or bask is my question. If you do choose the latter, the images below would be a definite inspiration! Even Taylor Swift’s grown out of dresses and into pantsuits lately. So, let’s learn from her and beat the heat with hot pants this summer.

It might sound like a cliche, but comfort definitely isn’t a bad word in fashion. Being comfortable doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style. I’m not a ‘girly girl’ so to speak, but I do like the occasional florals here and there. So here’s my take for this summer.

Hot Pants + Floral top = What could possibly go wrong here?

Evidence it yourself like we did last weekend. On a calm early Sunday morning, we decided to pack our things and create a look book for all you wonderful people out there. And it was a morning that was worth getting up for! We fell in love with Bangalore all over again. Hanging out on the MG Road boulevard at the wee hours has its perks. Aside from the part where we couldn’t find coffee so early, we still had a pretty great time watching the bikers passing by in a rally, that you gotta be there to appreciate!


I’m absolutely in love with this floral butterfly top that we picked up from Max India. It channels free-spirited feminity so wonderfully. If you see Sharon (friend and model-bakra of the day) here, you could feel the freedom that she feels! So comfortable and absolutely peaceful and when we mix it up with basic denim hot-pants, it’s just laying it on a platter!



Not that I didn’t do it on purpose, but I like how the entire look is classy and vintage. Maybe it’s her, maybe it’s the ancient metal chairs or it’s a mix of everything that’s creating the wonder! But Sharon did her best to channel her inner Marilyn; I think she did a fair job (:P She will kill me for this).

Max has slowly started catering to mainstream fashion and knowing how they’ve grown is pretty impressive! It’s no more commercial, Max has taken on a serious sense of direction and I’m loving it! Like for example, I’m required to wear flat ballet shoes to work. So I’ve always gone to Max to pick 5-6 pairs every other month, but after this, I think I’m digging my own grave here (used to spend about a couple of grand for shoes now I’m gonna be broke adding clothes to that list). The boon & bane of being a Shopaholic, I tell you!

Anyways scroll down and enjoy! Don’t forget to share your thoughts. 🙂


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