Best of the Vanity Fair Oscar Portraits by Mark Seliger 2015

From someone who’s known for his portraiture, you’d expect nothing less. Mark Seliger was the chief photographer in Rolling Stones for over a decade in the 90’s and has shot over 100 covers for  the magazine. And he continues to shoot beautiful cover shots for CondeNast currently. The beautiful vintage set for the occasion was designed by Thomas Thurnauer.  It was a concept that brought together the classics & the modern, which included some the finest stars through the ages. What I love most about all these portraits are how each personality is definitively captured with just the amount of depth into each one’s character. Today, I round up on the best of the best in 2015’s Oscar Portraits.



Steve Martin; Perfection personified!


There could never be a more charming reaction than Eddie’s when he won the Oscar!


The drapes; I’d be happy to sit and arrange every flow on that gown! Luscious!


Such raw emotions captured, it’s almost animalistic!


The styling on her suit is just excellent! I’m in love with those drapes!


SIA captured in perfection!


If there ever was royalty in Hollywood, Amy Adams is the British Queen!


Irina Shayk; that’s all I’m saying!


Rita is on such a winning streak; worthy of a Queen this portrait is!


The Man behind the Birdman!


Who better than Karlie Kloss to endorse Jason Wu?



JK Simmons had one of the best speeches in the show and evidently the playful mood continued to the after parties as witnessed in this epic portrait.

Any thoughts?

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