Trends – Spring Summer 2015

So after going through millions of clothes by hundreds of designers (Quite literally; might I add) , I have brought it down to 4 silhouettes and 4 themes that was unanimous across the world this season. All of you lucky enough to have me, feast your eyes and make space in your closets because this is one season that is all set to shine!

So starting with themes, we have updated versions of Colorful Florals, Super bright Stripes, Tie N Dye and Khakis!!! Khaki’s making a stylish definitive comeback this summer; so start shopping already!


For once, you can look like spring in person and not give a damn about what anybody thinks. The more colorful and bright; the better! Do print on print, color on color; this is your excuse to go as crazy as you possibly can!m-070314_Resort_2015_Trends_florals_slide_01

Floral ExtraOrdinaire



Sailor stripes have been in and out almost every summer but the fashion world is hell bent on blinding everyone this season and I can’t say I don’t agree! I’m absolutely in love with the colors that’re coming up this season! Check out the DVF and Chloe below!


Brilliant Stripes



I would probably be the last person to be excited by Tie N Dye giving a comeback but this season, it genuinely looks better; no more same-old ridiculously boring patterns. Have a look and decide for yourself!m-070314_Resort_2015_Trends_tiedye_slide_03

Tie N Dye



For all those who thought Grays and Khakis are for Winter; take a look at the runway! And if you still don’t agree Preen by Thornton Bregazzi has done some amazing work with their collection this season!

Khaki Shades


 And now for the silhouettes, Chic is the underlined word! We have Midi Skirts, Shortsuits (All thanks to Lagerfeld here 🙂 ), Pantsuits and what’s summer without a little Boho attached?


Are any of you as madly in love with Gucci as I am because the skirt below is something I’d kill someone for (I don’t even think I’m kidding about this! 😛 ) For someone who’s had an epic love affair with skirts like I’ve been, this is one of the best news ever! I know I’m having a blast this season!m-070314_Resort_2015_Trends_midi_slide_01

Midi Skirts



3.1 Philip Lim has an absolutely fancy collection of colorful short-suits! Jason Wu and some others stuck to Neutral Chic but all in all, Comfort?Check! Chic? Check! What more do you want for a hot summer! I know; Iced Latte wouldn’t hurt or even better, Bourbon on the Rocks – My Style!


SS 2015 Short Suits



I know this might seem a little stuffy but Come On! Pant Suits with Belted Jackets; I’d brave the sunniest of summers to be seen like this! The pastel-pink suit from Louis Vuitton is so pretty, it almost breaks my heart( and this coming from someone who loathes the pink family except Candy and Fuschia maybe!)

m-070314_Resort_2015_Trends_pantsuit_slide_01SS 2015 Pant Suits


Look to the 70’s, Give it a minimalistic boho twist and you’re all set. Whether its Gothic like Lanvin or Understated like Michael Kors, you can’t go wrong with this! Better yet, experiment with both the extremes.

Boho Chic



On the whole, it’s a season of experimentation if you ask me and face it with your craziest self to get the most out of it! Whether you’re having the mean-reds or the depressing-blues, this season will get you through just about anything! Now, run along and start shopping!!!


Any thoughts?

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