Zac Posen A/W 2014-15

Very Hepburn Indeed!


Charles James, one of the very best Haute Couture, the industry has ever seen was the inspiration for Zac Posen’s Fall collection. Claiming James as one of his favorite designers, Posen said, “This collection came down to exactly what he was about: focusing on a level of discipline and craft.” As expected, there were a lot of ball gowns trailing this particular runway. And to those of you not familiar with James, the collection were very reminiscent of Audrey & Katherine Hepburn; creating a beautiful fusion in-between especially so, since both are equally classy yet completely different.

The collection comprising of just 25 looks, was all about the careful art of intricate garment construction. Architectural and precise, it was a celebration of art and fashion in the classiest way possible. For someone whose ideology is to present women with something very special, this was one of the very best delivered while reinforcing fashion is an art in itself.

Take a look at the gallery for the entire collection and let me know your favorites. Here are the ones I’m in awe with;

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