SEIKO 2014


Watches have long been a popular choice for gifts. Not only are they stunning accessories that will complete your outfit perfectly, but they are long-lasting reminders of your special day.

The collection at SEIKO contains the perfect mix of glamour and luxury with an everlasting reminder of the best day of your life.

Watches by SEIKO are marked by modern shapes and materials balanced with classic styles; fashionably exuding luxury from every bend, from every detail. The watch can be worn to different occasions, leaving an everlasting impression, in absolute grace.

Especially for Women. . .

SXDF71P1, Price On Request
SXDF71P1, Price On Request
SNDX54P1, INR 42,500
SNDX54P1, INR 42,500

Especially for Men. . .

SRG010P1, INR 49,500
SRG010P1, INR 49,500
SPC110P1, INR 25,500
SPC110P1, INR 25,500


About SEIKO Watch India Pvt. Ltd

SEIKO Watch India Private Limited is a 100% subsidiary of SEIKO Watch Corporation, Japan. Set up in 2007, it is headquartered in Bangalore. SEIKO Watch India is headed by Mr. Susumu Kawanishi as the President, one of SEIKO Watch Corporation’s most valuable and experienced personnel. He is supported by a team of professionals who are amongst the best in the Industry.


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