Spring 2014 – Denim Report

An All Time Favourite; Denim Finally Goes Mainstream Couture!

Denim has been in use since the 18th Century and one would think we’ve explored and exploited it in all ways possible. But it has been stated as the most dressed down fabric ever. We’ve seen it ripped, shredded, distressed, faded and what not.

But fortunately come this Spring 2014; all that’s going to change. The brilliant minds of Versace, Valentino and many others have been at work tirelessly and have come up with a fantastic twist and I, for one sure hope this trend is here to stay.

Last season, we took a nostalgic trip down memory lane to the Baroque era which was extravagant and all things royal. I loved Baroque as much as the fashion world did. Alas, its time we moved on though.

So, here are my top 10 favourite Denim looks from Fashion all over the world.

  • Olivier Rousteing at Balmain has to be the top one on my list. He gave chambray the deluxe treatment and luxed it up with gold and metal accessories. I’m absolutely in love with the skirt. If Balmain ever decides to donate that skirt, I’m the first in line (Are you listening, Olivier??? :P).
  • Osman’s crisp denim overcoat comes second on my list for the simplicity in it. This No BS Overcoat certainly earns its place and gives you a chance to glorify it with whatever your imagination intends. Its one of the coolest supporting accessory so far.
  • Altuzarra’s patchwork-print indigo blazer is another one of those jackets that will put you in the spotlight. Again, a simple silhouette letting the patchwork taking all the attention. However bored you look, all you have to do is put on this jacket. And I’m pretty sure it makes a great conversation starter if not anything. Third place on my list.
  • Marios Schwab comes next as the fourth in line with Artfully distressed dress with cutout shoulders. I’ve never been one for faded/ripped/shredded Denim but this dress definitely has the ability to reel me in.
  • This has to be an all time favourite for the clean cut silhouette and formal looking appeal. Feminine enough for any girl to carry it off without going over the edge. This indigo utility dress from Christopher Raeburn concludes the Top 5 on the list.
  • Sixth spot favours the wide-leg ruffled jeans from Valentino. Leave it to Valentino to bring femininity to Denim is all that’s needed to say about this look. But then, if Denim could look so pretty; I don’t hear me complaining.
  • Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize! I have three looks on my seventh spot because they all have one thing in common. All three are simple with lots of room for accessories. Derek Lam’s polished dark-rinse dress might be a little old fashioned but it sure leaves a lot of space for playing around it. A head-to-toe look from Acne Studios is a simple and laid back look hot off the runway. Christophe Lemaire’s inky outfit also plays with simplicity and comes up with a skirt and top combo.
  • Max Mara’s matching marbleized kerchief, jacket, and pencil skirt might be a lil too overboard for me but I’d love to pair them all with things other than denim, hence taking the eighth spot.


  • Rachel Comey‘s baggy culottes comes ninth not because I like the baggy pants but because of the bralette top. I think it makes for a really cute sunny day with a flowy skirt.


  • And finally on the tenth spot is Marques’ Almeida with a jacket and pant combination. Frayed around the edges, I would love to wear the jacket as a dress but not overall.


All those reading, please don’t try the all over Denim unless you’re absolutely sure you’re not a disaster. We do not want replicas of Paris Hilton no more (Remember the time she was dressed in colored leopard prints top to bottom??? That’s what i thought!)

Are you as excited as I am? Let me know what you think 🙂

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