Seagram’s Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2013

The 9th Edition of Seagram’s Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour featured Falguni and Shane Peacock, Gaviin Miguel, JJ Valaya, Neeta Lulla, Pankaj & Nidhi, Rocky S, Suneet Verma, Tarun Tahiliani, Vikram Phadnis and Wendell Rodricks.

I was fortunately able to attend the shows held on Day 2 which were Fall/Winter collections by Rocky S and Tarun Tahiliani. Although Rocky’s collection did not make much sense to me,, I was glad I made the show because what followed made history. You can never expect any less with Tarun Tahiliani on board. Suitably named the ‘Kumbh Mela’ Collection, it was his efforts to describe and showcase his deep dive into the aesthetics and madness of the Kumbh Mela he visited recently. In his own words, ‘It was spectacle of effortless originality’.

Tarun Tahiliani at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour Day 2 Finale

                    The enigma that is the Sadhu’s Style – A sea of unending fabric mysteriously wrapping itself upon itself, to create an aura, a cocoon, a sensuous drape – finds itself engineered into the modern, structured, sensual drape, characteristic of Tarun Tahiliani, for this year’s Autumn Winter’ 13 Collection.

Tarun Tahiliani

What I loved in this particular collection was the efforts he’d put into those small details. Firstly, the entire show was fantastically woven into a story. It had no breaks in rhythm whatsoever. It started off as a parade of saffron and marigold oranges and slowly faded into deep velvets and midnight blacks and then proceeded onto shades of blue and finally the characteristic gold. Honestly speaking, it was like watching the sun set and rise back again which I assume was one of the many intentions.  The silhouettes were a beautiful marriage between the east and the west. What was even better, was the fabrics and the surfacing; which included laser etching, zardozi, applique, bandhani, jamewar, tie & dye, velvet, animal prints here and there, satin and thick jersey. Concept Sarees were a definite showstopper with drapes so beautiful that anybody would look dashing in it. What stole the show though was the musical performance by a Rajasthani Group who gave beautiful renditions and austere feel to the entire show. The tunes were so catchy, that they even got the models and audience to dance by the end.                                                                                                                         The show ended as usual as a wedding extravaganza.

ROCKY S Collection

The splendor and characteristic clandestinely of the medieval ages makes a comeback in the Rocky Star collection. Bollywood Actress Evelyn Sharma was the showstopper for Rocky S. showcasing a highly opulent red carpet collection.  Rocky S brings glamour, style, music and fashion together. The enigma and secrecy of the dark holds a certain allure. And this subtle affluence comes forward through the beadwork and the sequins, through the exaggerated textures and layers of fabric. Rocky’s clothes are vintage in their own way. They embody a blend of old eras and new times. The colour black is reborn in every possible way, such that each contour, shade, hue and texture of it creates a genesis. This is an out and out collection with a lot of shine. The extravagance and gorgeous delineations of femininity that reflect the seduction of the Middle Ages steps out of the shadows and unfolds a new hold on style.

Evelyn Sharma in ROCKY S

If it weren’t for the mention of Genesis in his brief, the collection would have been senseless to me. Given that he meant it the way I assume, it was a mix of silhouettes through the ages represented in black. It was a sparkling runway with beads and sequins added everywhere possible. He definitively covered the Middle ages, 20’s and 50’s. Backless dresses, Ruffles, Gathering, Fringes, Lace, Sparkle, Net; every one of the dresses had one or more of the above. Extravagant to Ultra simple, I’m quite rather surprised he missed out on 70’s and 80’s. Although I liked a few of his creations, it did not make an impression on me as a collection. There was no story or continuity and it lacked the complete concept of the flow of a show. It was a mixed array of silhouettes, fabrics and textures from here and there. This collection was a complete miss for me.

Things that stood out – Rajasthani Folk Performance, Tarun Tahiliani Collection, Concept Sarees, Open Bar and Hot Models( Male ones were especially hot; made for good eye candy :P) and of course the Venue (Leela Palace).


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