Fashion, not just for the Runway

Did you know most people never bother about what they wear on a daily basis? For most people, that might be. But for someone who’s in the fashion industry; it doesn’t really make an impression. If you don’t give a crap as to what you’re wearing, why would anyone else? Yes, I agree we put more than just a lot of thoughts when it comes to an event or occasion. But I say, it should be a part of your routine, not just an occasion.

I realized this when I saw myself being reflected and decided to ponder on it over a cup of coffee. What is the one thing that defines us; it’s being stylish and making the world a stylish place, Correct?

Now, how many of us would agree that we keep up to that expectation??? Precisely what I assumed.

Embarrassed, I realized we don’t take the time to stand for the one thing we should. Fashion!!!  Marcel Proust, a famous French novelist once said, “It is only women who do not know how to dress that are afraid of colors”. The harsh reality is that simple line could explain the monotony of our lives. Would you really want to wake up one day when you’re 30 and realize you’ve never tried anything new? (Yes, as some of u might think, it’s never too late but if you start doing this when you’re 40, be ready to be also called a mid-life crisis.) This is the time for it. Think out of the box. Drawing ourselves a circle and staying inside, limits not just our way of life, but also our sense of style.

Because the ultimate hunt is for our individuality. You should be able to stand out; in a good way, no matter where you are or what you wear.

But, why are we so scared to try new things? The way you want to portray yourself is your right. It’s what individualizes you. So how would we know what compliments best unless we tried.  Why are we so set in our ways even though we are exposed to an unconventional wide world of say, Paco Rabanne for instance or maybe even Prada?

Fashion is not just for runway. It’s a part of life and everyday routine. What you make out of it is what matters.

Yes, we are supposed to be confidant, strong, and independent. So if a little change in the wardrobe can help with that, why not indulge? And I’m not saying go splurge on a pair of Manolos tomorrow (Lucky you!!! If you can afford it). Seriously, how many ‘supposed to be’s ’ are we really going to face before we realize that it’s time to change. After all we are and we should be the only ones responsible for our life. The only secret here is confidence. Start with the basics; the small things and then work your way forward.

We are the designers. We create fashion.

This is the thought that I think should inspire you day in and out. If tradition and culture are the solid ground we stand on, my point is that we shouldn’t be scared to dip our toes in the sea of Modernism and Westernization. Of course I’m not asking you all to chuck your kurtas and replace them with miniskirts [Although it would be fun to see what people come up with (winks)!]. We also need to keep in mind, however the place where we reside.

Things will change if you’re living in an orthodox place; the changes I often keep mentioning need not necessarily be a complete makeover. It can just be in the way you wear something. It can even be as simple a thing as how you wear a belt or a stole. It can even be the way you draw your eyes or wear your hair……..If you wear your hair tied up, then try letting it loose or get a new hair cut. Even better, if you can afford it, get highlights. It’s magical how stylish you can look with good highlights and low-lights. Try painting your lips a tangy orange if you wear pink or nude all the time. It not only suits all skin tones but also brightens your face instantly. And it’s a wonderful color for spring. What more of a reason would you possibly want?

Let’s say you’re wearing an orange dress and trying to decide which shoes to pair it up with. One is brown and then there’s pink. The obvious and safe choice is brown and that’s what most of us would go with. But what if you choose the pink belt? The fear of what others might think of us is a demon that needs to be slain. So the right question here is do we have what it takes to stand out? Because yes, by making a few bold choices, you are taking some risk on your own, but if it projects you as a confident and secure person, what have you got to lose???

Trying new things never hurt anyone. They’re just going to make your life more interesting and you most definitely won’t be bored out of life. And moreover, its super fun putting things together and playing with colors and a variety of accessories. Just start doing it! I remember my Barbie experiments even though I wasn’t a huge fan.

And if you’re broke, look out for my beauty posts. I’ll help you out wherever I can with the best beauty finds with the best deals.

Any thoughts?

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