Bold or Blinded???

Minaj at VMA’s
‘You’ve GOT to be kidding!!!’ were the first words to resonate in my head when I watched Nicki Minaj walk down the red carpet in this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. I mean what the heck was that???
      For those oblivious, Nicki Minaj is a young American Rapper who recently popped into the limelight with her single, ‘Super Bass’ and her insane sense of Fashion.
It all started with Lady Gaga making waves with her maniacal fashion. But I have to agree she did it with a sense of aesthetic balance. Nicki Minaj, on the other hand is the crazier and cheaper version. She was discovered on MySpace by Dirty Money, CEO, Fendi when she was 17. Until a year back she made her own dresses in her basement and now she orders her costumes and has her own personal wig maker.
When I took a look at some of her costumes, the only possible explanation I could possibly come up with was that she went into a toy store with glue all over her and came out realizing she could get everyone’s attention. All she had to do after that was to accessorize it with an ice cream cone or a flashy surgical mask and switch her usual cotton candy hair to bubblegum. If I were the Fashion police, I’d probably shoot at sight.

Nicki Minaj with Anna Wintour

But she did not stop at that. When she made her appearance in the New York Fashion Week after the much publicized drama, it looked like she’d volunteered to be a model at a Kid’s craft show.[U really think Anna’s wearing those shades to shield herself from the runway lights?? Think again.] Even though we appreciate her intent to be bold and creative, she really does need to learn the difference between being Boldly Fashionable and making a catastrophe out of fashion.

If you ask me, I would love to gift her a personal stylist and a mirror this New Year so she can take a long look at herself before she leaves the house.

Any thoughts?

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